Spring World Contest is the global event that brings together the talents selected all over the world by Maestro Ermanno Croce and by Maestro Carmela Moffa,  thanks to the collaboration of the CID Members.  Spring World Contest is the Festival of Festivals, it is the meeting of the winners of international Events, who challenge each other in front of a quality jury coming from many nations of the world to assign the Awards of the talent.  Gold Cards, Silver Cards and Bronze Cards will be awarded, which will allow you to register for the Final in  San Benedetto del Tronto.  The winners of all the categories of this event will take part in in the RED SEA STAR Contest which will be held on February 2021 in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt.  The event will be broadcast live worldwide on Ec Studios Productions' YouTube site and on some satellite partners. 
All finalists will receive a Certificate attesting to their participation, the 1st and 3rd place winners of each category will be awarded with diploma and trophy, and the 4th and 5th with a medal and diploma.  During the awards ceremony, scholarships will be awarded for the following events: Vive la France - Paris 10/15 July, Europe Stars 2020 - London 26/30 August, Talent World Contest - Italy 25/27 September.

GIURIA INTERNAZIONALE CANTO - международное жюри пение - international jury singing